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Typography – Compulsory brief. Two week project.

This brief I am doing along side the “hierarchy of needs” project.

I feel as though I have slightly neglected this project in comparison to how much time and effort I have put into the other brief. I know that I haven’t done to week on this project, I really struggled as it was just generally really challenging.
Basically the project is to create a magazine spread, 10 pages, of this article Catherine Dixon & Phil Bains wrote in 2001. There are 34 images, and more captions that body text! I have never seen a magazine article like that so its really hard to research into magazine who’s articles are of similar form. Also the fact you have to keep image groupings together and keeps captions in the relevant places.

My layout, I’m not really happy with it as it doesn’t “feel” like a magazine, it feels more like a report.

**I’m aware some times the way this blogs written changes between past and present tense, it’s because I update what I write and may do changes up to a week after writing**

20111026-074635 PM.jpg

20111026-074644 PM.jpg

– Make the caption point size bigger.
– Check all column widths as they look different.
– Perhaps use a thin line to differentiate the different sections.
– Make type size bigger for headings maybe 2 point sizes bigger.
– Perhaps move some images around, make some bigger, use the space available.


Hierarchy. A two week project.

This project is one of the projects I could pick for unit five. As well as this I chose to do the compulsory typography brief. I’m not sure whether that was a good idea or not! Two projects, at the same time, both about typography is unsurprisingly stressful! (typography is another post all together)

During the first week I really struggled with this project. I thought I understood the brief, but after the interim crit, I clearly didn’t know what I was doing! Effectively I made myself a week behind with my work. After talking to my project tutor I understood what was “expected” of me, and I think I managed to progress quite quickly.

I went to a paper shop in Holborn, and it is a book binding specialist. What an amazing shop! They were so helpful and I now have all the basic equipment to start binding everything! So all the paper I used was from that shop, and I still have loads to spare.

20111026-091711 AM.jpg

20111026-091722 AM.jpg

20111026-091730 AM.jpg

I am reasonably happy with the outcomes. I feel like the books are part of a set, but I’m not sure whether that’s because I know they are all related.
I also feel that I need to make my work my daring and take more risks as a lot of my work is “safe”. When I say safe, I mean boring… Either way these are the best things I’ve made so far at uni.

Feedback from crit;
– people really liked my creativity booklet, but I have to remove the words creativity from the front, also I should change the layout slightly so that the words I think are important are still within the body of text.
– people also liked the usability booklet, however I should make the body text smaller by one or two point sizes. I’m also aware that the margins have somehow become in even, so I must print larger and trim to size instead of trust A4 paper. Also the cover is about to thick.
– The functionality booklet needs its cover changing as you read the same thing twice, perhaps have the uni’s name on the booklet instead.
– In general all the covers need looking at, and it all needs printing on a laser printer to get crisper text and colour. All my paper choices are fine. I need to consider paper bands to connect the 3 booklets.

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20111026-091527 AM.jpg

20111026-091536 AM.jpg

Design & Interaction. First Week Project.

Starting back at Uni they decided that they would ease us in with a project that was only a week long and to get us thinking again. I did a lot of research for this project and looked at lot of different things to see what exactly design means to me.
I found this statement saying “form follows function” and I thought this would be a great area to look into, however the area was/is far to vast to understand in just a matter of days. So I did the best I could.
Below are images from my sketchbook, I haven’t included a picture of my final piece as I have to revisit it, just minor changed with the layout.
In the end I felt the project was more about the process, learning how you work, so that you can perhaps make your own design process easier for yourself.
Also that this second year, or at lest this unit will be based a lot on how we actually feel, and what our opinion is about the brief.

Things I’ve found out;
– I over research, as in I sometimes research for the sake of it. e.g Filling pages with stuff that isn’t really that relevant.
– I need to draw more and sketch things out until I physically can’t draw anymore, that way the good ideas come through the crap ones.
– I need to relax about “Failure”. Meaning, it’s better to try everything and see that it doesn’t work, rather than presuming.

A really long post/rant!

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