Form follows Function?

Design & Interaction. First Week Project.

Starting back at Uni they decided that they would ease us in with a project that was only a week long and to get us thinking again. I did a lot of research for this project and looked at lot of different things to see what exactly design means to me.
I found this statement saying “form follows function” and I thought this would be a great area to look into, however the area was/is far to vast to understand in just a matter of days. So I did the best I could.
Below are images from my sketchbook, I haven’t included a picture of my final piece as I have to revisit it, just minor changed with the layout.
In the end I felt the project was more about the process, learning how you work, so that you can perhaps make your own design process easier for yourself.
Also that this second year, or at lest this unit will be based a lot on how we actually feel, and what our opinion is about the brief.

Things I’ve found out;
– I over research, as in I sometimes research for the sake of it. e.g Filling pages with stuff that isn’t really that relevant.
– I need to draw more and sketch things out until I physically can’t draw anymore, that way the good ideas come through the crap ones.
– I need to relax about “Failure”. Meaning, it’s better to try everything and see that it doesn’t work, rather than presuming.

A really long post/rant!

20111011-024018 PM.jpg

20111011-024039 PM.jpg

20111011-024050 PM.jpg


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