Exploiting Context.

Typography – Compulsory brief. Two week project.

This brief I am doing along side the “hierarchy of needs” project.

I feel as though I have slightly neglected this project in comparison to how much time and effort I have put into the other brief. I know that I haven’t done to week on this project, I really struggled as it was just generally really challenging.
Basically the project is to create a magazine spread, 10 pages, of this article Catherine Dixon & Phil Bains wrote in 2001. There are 34 images, and more captions that body text! I have never seen a magazine article like that so its really hard to research into magazine who’s articles are of similar form. Also the fact you have to keep image groupings together and keeps captions in the relevant places.

My layout, I’m not really happy with it as it doesn’t “feel” like a magazine, it feels more like a report.

**I’m aware some times the way this blogs written changes between past and present tense, it’s because I update what I write and may do changes up to a week after writing**

20111026-074635 PM.jpg

20111026-074644 PM.jpg

– Make the caption point size bigger.
– Check all column widths as they look different.
– Perhaps use a thin line to differentiate the different sections.
– Make type size bigger for headings maybe 2 point sizes bigger.
– Perhaps move some images around, make some bigger, use the space available.


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