Hierarchy of Needs.

Hierarchy. A two week project.

This project is one of the projects I could pick for unit five. As well as this I chose to do the compulsory typography brief. I’m not sure whether that was a good idea or not! Two projects, at the same time, both about typography is unsurprisingly stressful! (typography is another post all together)

During the first week I really struggled with this project. I thought I understood the brief, but after the interim crit, I clearly didn’t know what I was doing! Effectively I made myself a week behind with my work. After talking to my project tutor I understood what was “expected” of me, and I think I managed to progress quite quickly.

I went to a paper shop in Holborn, and it is a book binding specialist. What an amazing shop! They were so helpful and I now have all the basic equipment to start binding everything! So all the paper I used was from that shop, and I still have loads to spare.

20111026-091711 AM.jpg

20111026-091722 AM.jpg

20111026-091730 AM.jpg

I am reasonably happy with the outcomes. I feel like the books are part of a set, but I’m not sure whether that’s because I know they are all related.
I also feel that I need to make my work my daring and take more risks as a lot of my work is “safe”. When I say safe, I mean boring… Either way these are the best things I’ve made so far at uni.

Feedback from crit;
– people really liked my creativity booklet, but I have to remove the words creativity from the front, also I should change the layout slightly so that the words I think are important are still within the body of text.
– people also liked the usability booklet, however I should make the body text smaller by one or two point sizes. I’m also aware that the margins have somehow become in even, so I must print larger and trim to size instead of trust A4 paper. Also the cover is about to thick.
– The functionality booklet needs its cover changing as you read the same thing twice, perhaps have the uni’s name on the booklet instead.
– In general all the covers need looking at, and it all needs printing on a laser printer to get crisper text and colour. All my paper choices are fine. I need to consider paper bands to connect the 3 booklets.

20111026-091506 AM.jpg

20111026-091520 AM.jpg

20111026-091527 AM.jpg

20111026-091536 AM.jpg


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