Making the invisible, visible.

Grids & Structures – Tape brief. Two week project.

This project is about space activation through the medium of tape.
By using tape it was to introduce us to the “grammar of grids and structures in relation to specific spites and spaces”.
There was two parts to this brief. First of all we had a working crit where we had to work in groups and produce a piece that was specific to the space; which was our design studio.

We decidied that we wanted to activate a space and bring attention to an area that people just ignore, and to try and show that within the whole studio there is space to work, whether that be the “official” working areas of not. We used variety of electrical tape to really try and capture the creativity that students have, as well as trying to draw them in, into this area.

After this working crit we next had to create a site specific piece that was not in or at kings cross.
I went out for a walk around my local area and photography any grids that I could find, whether them being visible or invisible. Once I had my images I went back home and picked out images that I felt there could be something to work with and drew sketches of what I could create in these sites.

20111111-105644 AM.jpg
20111111-105705 AM.jpg
20111111-105710 AM.jpg
20111111-105716 AM.jpg

I finally decided to focus my work on a visible grid that was on a fence. This fence is on top of a cliff that over looks all the housing development where I live. I know that a lot of people walk their dogs along this area so people would notice if there was a change in the fences appearance. I chose to write the words “nice view” as I felt that it this area would be so much nicer if there was an actual view to look at, but instead you just see row and rows of houses… which in itself are based of some kind of invisible grid.
I used grey tape due the the size; the width of the tape fits perfectly between the bars of the fence. Also the grey fits with the pun, dark styled kind of humour. Sarcasm even. Using the words nice view also highlight the fact that a lot of suburban areas that once were open fields or area of nature and wild life are being over taken by housing developers.

**Some feed back I got from our “silent” crit will be in speech marks**
– “Nice use of using existing object”
– “I like the image and the contrast with the phrase ‘nice view’ looking out on a view that is not particularly nice. But by having that phrase, it turns it into a nice image”
– “More experimental typography”
– “the type face isn’t nice, but you are constrained to a grid, I wish the photograph was better”
– There is to much attention on the ‘W’, why is that one the only pixeled?
– Reminds people of a screen saver
– Think about how the type could affect the meaning
– Feels like the initial sketch, more work to finalise it

Im not 100% happy with this piece as I agree with a lot of the comments that the photography could be better, I think before the crit I wasn’t totally sure about what I was trying to say with this piece, however from now writing it down I understand better about what I want and plan to say about it. I shall take this project just one step further, I will redo the piece by using a pixel based typeface to back up the construction and man-made elements, which connect with the mass housing etc. As if this was a nice view the type would more likely be more natural, like a humanistic style. I could also try more words in other areas, perhaps come up with a 3-5 sayings or commentary on different areas and create them with tape.


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