The Bigger Picture.

Contextual Studies. 4 Week Project.

20111114-082332 PM.jpg

Today is the start of a week full of lectures pretty much all day. The lectures today were a introduction to the unit, the process, what is expected of us etc. I have recored the lectures and plan on recording all conversations involved with this unit, to try and take notes in a better way, due to when I take notes i’m not giving my full attention therefore not listening or taking in the information properly, as well as making it easier to refer back to lectures incase I missed something.

First talk; Paul Rennie – Introduction
Second talk; Library Staff – Learning resources
Third talk; Paul Rennie – Academic Writing & Presentation

Over the next week there will be a lot more blog posts as part of this unit is to document every evening a post dedicated to what was spoke about in the lecture and our thoughts about it. This blog will be a UAL site, however I will post the same here.

**The quality isn’t great as I kept moving**

Library Resources
Academic Writing & Presentation


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