Week one. Exposure.
Analytical process of keynote presentation> Each keynote> Issues, Concepts, Contexts> 3 Keywords
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Neil lawson – when there is to much choice we become traumatised, anything more than 6 items and this happens… (somehow this links in with politics)


You’ve got the the left hand politics, Libya, wall street, banking crisis, coalition
Then on the right you have UK uncut, cooperation, tax, riots (?)
Key phrases/mentions;
– environment, changes
– loads going on in politics, nothing changes
– No bankers have been sent to jail, justice?
– poor are getting poorer
– politics, democracy, triple crisis
– “Old is not dead, news not born”
– In the middle, thins haven’t yet happened
– lots going wrong, obvious changes are needed
– gap between the right wing & left
– there needs to be a coherent alternative
– why has there been no change
– the power of dreams

– default options, leads to capitalism, leads to crisis
– on the right party they like to conserve, to remain the same this system now to stay on place, segregation
– left party wants change
– 1940s ideas, dreams, welfarism, due to the depression of the 30’s
– labour building the NHS was a dream people thought it was crazy, impossible now it is an everyday thing, probably taken for granted
– when times are hard the biggest dreams occur
– took 30 years to dominate, the only dream on the table, no other alternatives, feasible or viable
– failing but we can’t change or see another way of living
– all alternatives are ignored. Plan A is the only option
– those who say different or shout about change are ignored, crushed, ridiculed anything that challenges, a cultural army
– at the moment we are in turbo consumption, shopping is our only choice
– identity, groups, social class,
– come together and change there’s only shopping

– socially break the seduction, why would anyone want to fight it
– we are aware of this buying machine that we are in
– we know that shopping doesn’t really make us happy
– but they have ruled out all other things
– to be a realist you have to be an idealist
– thoughts make the world, you must attempt the impossible to makes things possible
– other countries put a small tax on financial transactions, Germany,France, the robin hood tax
– lives are not about shopping, no one thinks on their death bed “I wish I brought more stuff” people think of priceless things, such as spending time with their family, enjoying the outdoors
– the people outside St. Paul’s don’t know the answer to this problem, but they are making a stand and making a point that changes need to happen
– as a country we can not go on like this, the governments can stop this, systems are in place else where and they are working
– the system in the UK pays for people to stay out of work, the dole
– Germany have got out the recession twice as fast as UK due to their governments investing into people and he country, once people have jobs they work and pay tax, that money goes back into the countries economy

– people have to start creating ethical decisions
– the left have no cultural soul, work, tax, money
– we have to break out of this typical process of leaving school going to college, uni, full time job, buy a house, mortgage etc
– design is not just selling stuff, it’s about beauty, skill, beyond the commercial value
– constriction: must spend? Mustn’t spend? Mustn’t keep spending on personal things, second car, new pc etc the rich need to spend more in general and middle class, poor, need to invest in long term, public, hospitals etc
– companies are there to make a profit, by anyway possible. In the 1940/50s it was wrong to flaunt your wealth, everyone flaunts it now, celebrities and media picks up on this and embeds the idea if you don’t have money your not important/glamours
– capitalism; where is is right to make money

– if we are a democracy then the public have to be let in on decision making
– tesco’s throw away 15/20% of their stock every night. This show to much choice and things become thrown away (links with the consumerism part)
– the squeezed middle, flat line wage, don’t do so well then anxiety
– we are all born equal, with our life what we want to make it, but life then becomes a race if someone is more well off than you financially
– being successful is not being middles class with a conservatory and having a BMW
– A book called the spirit level, the more equal a country is the less social problems it has
– people who use tax havens and avoid tax have a larger effect on the economy than people who live off benefits
– fear creates ideas then hope this is where change happens

I agree with many of the points about wealthy people becoming to wealthy then people at the bottom cab become jealous and this than create anger and inequality, a lot of the London riots was related to this divide about who has money and who doesn’t, then again this is also to do with consumerism and why these felt the need to steal items, they feel materialistic items will enrich their lives.

I Don’t have a problem people making money or having a successful business, I have a problem people holding onto it and are not pumping into the country. Such as Philip Green, Richard Hamilton, they all avoid tax by having their money offshore. The amount of money the government would generate from these people’s tax would enable them to not have so many drastic cuts in areas most necessary.

As a designers I feel that this lecture really focused on me and what I do as I have can influence on people and what their purchasing style is. I can influence people to invest into products that are quality or invest into systems rather that partake in this consumer culture.

Main Contextual Issues;

– Politics needs to change, people need to think in a more social view rather than just about themselves
– There needs to be more equality within Britain as tensions between classes will get more extreme

Three Keywords;

- Consumerism
– Hierarchy system
– Change

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