An Engineers View.

Week one. Exposure.
Analytical process of keynote presentation> Each keynote> Issues, Concepts, Contexts> 3 Keywords

Duncan Wilson – “Positive difference in the world”
-Modern technology aids new architecture, different shapes…
-How the web/ info tech affected design
-Foresight Company
-Help people take educated leaps of faith
-“We identify and communicate the trends and the issues likely to have a significant… WEBSITE”
– Drivers of change…
**stopped taking notes after this as it was impossible to hear and he was unbelievably monotone when speaking…**

Main Contextual Issues;

Duncan Wilson’s lecture I found really hard to understand, therefore I don’t feel like I have enough understanding about the subject or what he was trying to say.
From what I could gather, that the user of technology can be used for positive change. Such as looking at way finding systems, testing them and looking for complications before they are put into place and effectively saving money as well as time.

However I don’t like the ideas surrounding the issue with data generated information, such as google. Google uses previous searched keywords to then generate new articles that link. I find it worrying that a piece of technology can determine what I can and can’t read, or what it feels I would be interested in, obviously suggested items are helpful but missing out other pages completely I don’t agree with.
It all feels a bit like a big brother society, its as though we let the internet and technology dictate to us what we should know and not know about.

As a graphic design student i’m constantly told when creating a layout, that we should not use design tools such as indesign to dictate to us how to design. Everything should start from an idea, on paper. As another lecture pointed out the labour government wanted to use technology as a solution and not as a tool. I feel that many people may feel that technology is the answer when it is only a platform for ideas to become reality

Three Keywords;
– Balance
– Influence of Design
– De-industrialisation


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