Thinking about the future.

Week one. Exposure.
Analytical process of keynote presentation> Each keynote> Issues, Concepts, Contexts> 3 Keywords

Main context points below… to many notes to type up…

Main Contextual Issues;
Alastair Donald’s lecture I found to be really controversial.
I understand what Donald is saying about change and that restrictions can hinder this process, his examples were that the world needs to put the human race back into the centre focus of the world and that everything else should be second.

However, I don’t feel that restrictions affect the creative process in a negative way, without restrictions the ideas and possibilities can become overwhelming (take an really open brief for example). I don’t think that the human race should be put back into centre stage. Since long before the industrial revolution we have taken the planet for granted, we have disregarded our actions and effects on the environment and its future.

He said that we should celebrate the use of oil because understanding how to use it is an amazing thing, but what about when we run out? Will we celebrate then? The world is already having wars about land and where oil is underneath it, tensions and crisis’s will arise more so if it runs out.

His theory seems to be – do what you want now, and we will fix the problems later when they come up.

Surely prevention is better than cure?

Three Keywords;
– Sustainability
– Change
– compromise

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