Roll Up, Roll Up.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

This is a two week project that was set before christmas, the first interim crit was during the first week of uni, which we had to have 7 completed pieces to show.

The brief was to make 14 interventions that communicated and developed a news article. I am working as a group, there fore this project should be less daunting as will also help towards collaborative work.

The chosen news article was “Facebook tightens security on pictures” – Basically Facebook created a system that would allow you to report someone’s Facebook picture if it went against Facebooks rules, once reported, Facebook would allow access to all the albums of that user. This was abused. Pedophiles and other dangerous people on the internet could then look through young peoples Facebook images without them even realising.

As a Facebook user I felt that this topic was interesting to me as well as it if a continuous news story as it seems Facebook cant get their settings right.

We began researching about the history of Facebook and its previous security issues. We did not spend to long research as this project was more focused towards being a “brave” designer and to start making and doing to see how a project will pan out.


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