Roll up, Roll up. Intervention 1/2.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 1.

Our first initial idea was to look at how private our own information actually is. We decided to unfriend each other and see what our profiles look to other people and what we found was rather shocking.
We both thought that our information was totally private and that no one could see it. WRONG.

All our information was available to see, we thought that it maybe due to the recent security update, however we kept trying to change the settings but still no private profile. This then led us onto creating a piece that focused on how its such a struggle to make your information private.

This poster didn’t work out very well due to a few things, including being the area being to quite or people were to busy on their journey to stop and notice it.

Intervention 2.

Next we made a fake Facebook profile, we made it look as realistic as we could so that people would recognise that it was associated with Facebook. We wanted something that shows or suggested something that was private but in fact people could see it. This is where the idea of a key hole came into mind.

People look through key holes to be ‘nosey’ and that is what Facebook is, to look at other peoples lives without them knowing.

This intervention fitted in better, it didn’t look like it was as random as the poster was. It was lot more integrated. It also related to Facebook better and had a clear connection with privacy and restriction.


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