Roll up, Roll up. Intervention 3/4.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 3.

This intervention was looking at the ways we could portray your information goes from you to the “internet street” but on the actual street.

The idea of information seeping out was a key visual part to the intervention.  We used a blue piece of paper with the white pen to try and keep to the colour schemes of Facebook. We included obvious things that you can still see on Facebook even when it is private.

After this intervention we felt that the piece did work to an extend but needed the information to be more uncontrolled and flow more than be a static piece, also that there needed to be more information so that the piece was bigger.

Intervention 4.

 Following the reflection on intervention 3, we made sure that the information we wanted to put out into the public was able to flow and be loose. We included the typical pieces from Facebook again such as profile pictures, friend list etc.

Reflection: We felt that the information needed to look as though it was coming out of the door more than it looking as though it had just been dropped on the floor. Maybe we could of structured the layout of the pieces better. However this piece worked really well, it got the message across that once that information is out in the open anything can happen to it. For example, once the wind got a hold of the paper it flew everywhere and this is exactly what happens with information from the internet, if anyone can view it then they can do with it as they wish.


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