Roll up, Roll up. Intervention 5/6.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 5.

We looked at the idea more of things that should be private but in fact there public. Such as emails, texts, letters, conversations. etc.

We decided that letters connect with doors and that the letter box on a front door is an interesting place for information to come out from.

The envelop is more important than the actual contents. It shows are barrier that shouldn’t be broken, its an intervention within an intervention… By using tracing paper (transparent) to put Facebook info inside to represent that you can see it, if you look. Just like private profiles – you can find information on them if you look for it.

Reflection; This piece was a lot more visually interesting and the piece looked like it had been placed there intentionally rather than just dropped accidentally.  It was created really focusing on the medium which influenced the idea/ or form follows function…

The only negative about this is that you don’t expect to see letters on the outside of the front door… so its a bit wrong in a sense.

Intervention 6. 

We looked more so at what it meant to be private. The envelope is still a key part to private information and what it represents. As whatever is inside is always intended for the person its being sent to. You wouldn’t use an envelope for any other reason that to pass on information that shouldn’t be seen by others.

The idea was to turn what was usually on the inside to the outside.

Reflection;  This seemed to be a good idea at the time but in fact I think we preferred it when the information was separate rather than a complete piece. The “private” part and the lock really worked and they are a key icon for this project. Once again the issue with the envelop being outside rather than on the inside of the front door.

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