Roll up, Roll up. Intervention 7/Interim Crit.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 7.

With this intervention we wanted to make Facebook more physical as well as making the piece more obviously connected with Facebook. We also wanted to connect the private/lock that we used in previous interventions. This intervention seemed a lot harder to come up with ideas for, this may have been due it being the last one before the interim crit.

We decided that how we see Facebook and its privacy is that it is something that you thought was private and isn’t, and that your Facebook profile is clear for others to see. This sparked ideas for transparency and concealment. We decided that a clear box with an actual pad lock would show the messed up theory that Facebook has. Whats the point of putting a lock around a clear box when people can see whats inside anyway. Facebook’s privacy settings seems to be that you can see the information but you can not interact with it. This is exactly what that represents.

A lot of people walked passed the box but didn’t actually look this may have been due to it not being at eye level or it just wasn’t that interesting enough to look at, or perhaps they never saw it due to it being clear. However one woman looked at it briefly.

Interim Crit.

During our crit we had to talk about what article we chose and what we had done so far, does our work link and what is our next step.

Basic notes from the crit;

  •  Irritating people is the best form to grab peoples attention.
  •  Refrain from making posters, no one notices them.
  •  Use ‘Call to action’, get people involved with the piece
  •  If you try to reach a really big audience e.g everyone. Then you will never be happy with the response.

Responses to our project;

  • Take Facebook into reality – Photo albums, actually create them.
  • Take pieces of Facebook out of context – Status’s huge on walls in the street.
  • Maybe not be so Facebook related – Too obvious and cliche.
  • Think more so about specific information that people post.

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