Roll up, Roll up. Intervention 8/9.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 8.

This next piece after the crit we looked at juxtaposing the information that was already given. We also decided to refrain from being to broad in the subject and focused down a bit more. e.g Facebook features people use most.

Pictures are perhaps the main purpose of Facebook. I would not stay people would use flickr as a social media site to post their holiday or party pictures. The images that people post online are either holiday snaps, partying/clubbing, or there profile pictures of themselves.

We tried various pictures in difference areas. Most of the time we tried to put the images in places that would juxtapose the meaning of the images, however on the image above I wouldn’t really say it was a juxtaposition due to the image being placed outside an ambulance station. Perhaps its more ironic as the image is of a person smoking drugs.

After reflection on these images we felt that the images could of been bigger. Some people looked at the images but this could of been due to us standing there taking photographs. Also we felt that it maybe difficult for people to understand, maybe not clear enough on our meaning.

Intervention 9.

This intervention was the next step from images, by looking at status’s people post on Facebook and how they are truly pointless. A lot of the time the status is either boasting or bragging about the poster in an attempt to grab others attention. However there are some status’s that differ from this but mostly these are where people post every though that comes into their head.

We looked at the pointless status’s such as “Watching tv. lol.” people do write these things. We felt that if we took them out of Facebook and into the real world then people may understand how silly these posts are.

 Reflection; people did interact with these, the best one was outside the house (see above) also one we placed at a bus stop. People genuinely wanted to read what was said. We could of created even more, in more locations, however the one we placed at the pub never worked. Perhaps due to it not being on the front of the pub so if we moved it to under the pubs name or on the front doors perhaps it would of worked better.


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