Roll up, Roll up. Intervention 10/11.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 10.

After looking at Facebook photos and status’s we chose to look at wall posts, quite a neglected piece of Facebook but its main purpose. We still we looking at bring the digital into reality. A wall post is more social than a status as it is a direct message to some one in particular; like a letter, however its just public for everyone to see.

 We decided to bring the wall posts into public and write them on an actual wall. The post says “OMG! FB’s privacy settings have changed again! Scary! LOL!” We wanted to put out the message of Facebook’s privacy settings as well as it seeming like something someone would actually post.

Reflection; Maybe we could of used a different colour wall, one that the chalk would show up on. Its abit like a poster, no one really notices it. Its just saying something not really calling the reader to do anything. Perhaps it could work better as a series?

Intervention 11.

Continuing the theme of Facebook in reality we wanted to look at photos and the albums that people put up on Facebook. We got the idea from this video on YouTube –

This brought up question about what did people do with photographs they took before? Just put them in an album for no one to see?

We left this piece in the Uni’s canteen on a table as we felt that photo albums could been seen as piece of coffee table wear. We did revisit it later on but it just looked as thought it had been “tidied away” so it may have been looked at.

We also went back the day after, the corners looked a bit more used, but its hard to tell if anyone has interacted with something if your not there to witness it.

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