Roll up, Roll up. Intervention 12/13.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 12.

After the photo album intervention we looked into the newish feature on Facebook which is its “check-in” or “places”. We spoke about where people check in and it seems a lot of people check in, in really stupid places. For example I’ve seen people check in at their boyfriends house, or their own house, even in bed! These are really ridiculous places to let people know where you are.

We put our check in symbols in various ridiculous areas to try and encourage people to think that the area they are placed are stupid therefor causing them to make better choices when they check in some where.

We found that people did take notice of them and it was the most unusual ones that were noticed e.g the traffic lights. All of the check in points are still in their original locations, perhaps people may think that they are connected with the mobile app?


Intervention 13.

The idea of what people would write on Facebook if it was actually public and they writers were more consciously aware that people were around them and could potentially read what they had wrote.

We put up 3 posters which were screen shots of a Facebook profile that was completely blank so that people could add whatever they wished to it.

One was placed in the canteen, in the lift and one in the toilets. We chose different locations as we wanted to get a range of responses.

Reflection; We could of used better material to stick up these posters and they kept falling down e.g the lift was a pain!

Some people did write on them, but perhaps where they were located wasn’t really in a convenient palce for the user. As if your in a lift, who has a pen just in there pocket ( I assumed everyone at my uni would considering its an art & design uni… )  After coming back to uni the next day the lift poster had gone but the other two remain up still.

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