Portfolio & Presentation.

Non teaching week. Preparation for Assessment. 

It’s that time of year again that puts the fear of god in me. ASSESSMENT.

However this year I was much more prepared. Usually I leave editing my work after crits up until the last minute and then end up rushing the presentation of my work as I end up spending to much time on making the work better. So I made a conscious effort that after each crit I end the work and make the changes recommended while the work and the thoughts are still fresh in my mind. This has helped a great deal as this week all I have had to concentrate on is actually finishing and printing my work. However thats not been an easy task in itself.

I went to ABC printing in Farringdon to get my work printed. I went there in the last term of first year to get work printed and they were fantastic, they are open until midnight and the quality of their prints are really good. Only down side is that there is a limitation on their paper choices, therefor on one of the booklets that I really wanted printed on coloured card I had to print myself (it didn’t come out to badly considering its an inkjet!)

I chose to mount my work on mounting board. I chose card that was far to thick for my needs, therefor this made my evening of preparation a living hell! The card unbelievably thick and I literally couldn’t cut through the card. I ended up getting fluffy edges and wonky lines. A due to getting frustrated cutting my last piece of work this is what happened.

Snapped in half. Very annoying. However I was actually happy with my final pieces and I think they actually don’t look to bad, however this whole experience was far to traumatic for me.

I have also had to make a PDF presentation to show. Today I did a mock presentation but I only created a rough version of my PDF. I’m aware it looked awful but i’m happy that I had something to show as then I at lest got feedback and now know what to improve.


– Web typography; The pages must be live/viewable online!

– Plan what I want to say, use flash cards and key words.

– Design the whole PDF. Create a template that runs through the work. Use grids for consistency.

– Explanation of research needs to be reduced, only speak about what the research aided me to do.

– Good use of opinion, Have an opinion about all projects.

– Reduce image sizes, make sure all work isn’t pixlated, create better scans.

– Original final pieces & New final pieces. Give them a slide each so it doesn’t look like design development.

– Label all sketchbooks so examiner can flick to pages quickly.

– Make use of thumbnails in project. The presentation is time for me to talk about the work not for them to read everything that is on screen.

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