Sketchbooks & Presentation.

Non teaching week. Preparation for Assessment.

Today i’ve been making the changes that were recommended to me by my group. I’ve been going post it note crazy and I have no literally ran out out them all. I decided to do this to my sketchbooks as another girl in my tutor group did this, its a great idea, so that when tutors are looking through my work while i’m not there they can quickly jump to any section they need to. Plus in one of my sketchbooks I have 4 projects, so I hope this will stop the confusion about what project is what. *Note to self; in future do all work in separate sketchbooks, it will make life a lot easier in the future.

Also my website that I had to create for web typography are now live but will only be online for two weeks due to me using a friends server space!

 I’ve also been creating my template for my PDF that will make the presentation a little bit more interesting but nothing that will take away the focus from the work. Above is some shots from the mock presentation I did on Thursday. From these I’ve managed to come up with a identity (I guess) for my slides. I’ve kept it simple and used the colour red as that is the colour of the uni’s branding. Also I heard a weird thing that if you go for a job interview you should wear red as its a confident colour and will help you make a good impression, so hopefully this goes the same for my slides.

Now that a lot of the hard work is done. I just need to rephotograph my sketchbooks and rescan some pages too. Add them into the Indesign file, then practice my presentation. I have an extremely exciting weekend ahead.

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