University and Printing.

Two week project. Use.

Today we had a talk with Malcolm from the Large format printing workshop.
It was pretty intense with the amount of information given. The prices of the printing was a shock. £3 for an A3, when I pay £1.70 maybe less depending on paper stock. But that’s a separate issue.

Notes from talk:

– All the printers are inkjet.
– Open all week.
– They are a large format printers. A3 minimum size prints up to A0 and banner printing.
– Open all week.
– No double sided printing. As paper is only coated one side and fibres mess up the printer heads.

– All files must be CMYK not RGB.
– Flatten all layers in Photoshop files.
– 175 – 350 PPI. ???
– Don’t have an A3 image and import it into Indesign to then reduce it down to A6 POINTLESS!
– Consider margins before printing, don’t turn up and print then think about binding after.

– When exporting save the file as High Quality Print.
– They have both gloss and matt black inks.
– Paper that they stock ; Smooth Cotton, Matt, Satin Smooth, Gloss.
– Don’t ever trust the screen colours, always proof print.
– The printers take a while to print, so don’t turn up half hour before your crit.

– You pay before you print.
– Opens at 9:30am – 1pm then 2pm – 4pm.
– Usually a 24hr turn around.
– Make sure the file size is correct. No scaling up.
– Don’t use TRUE TYPE.

– There will be finishing and making facilities soon.
– Make sure work that needs colour bleed has it. 2mm.

After this we spoke in groups about our ideas, I’ve now decided that the Print Ready information would be most important when your sitting at your computer or desk or where ever you create your digital work. As whats the point of having this information with you if your already at the printer or after, when you have already set your file up.

As I feel that this is desk/workspace based, I have decided that the format should be similar to that of an desk top calendar, where you can flip over the pages. There for the piece would be compact, but always be readily available. With it sitting on your desk you can refer to it when ever needed.

I think I have now found an order for the information and i’ve sketched out the layout ideas, now I need to create that file. I will have to work quickly as I don’t have a binding machine for wire binds, meaning that I will either need the printers to do it, if they can, or design it quickly so I can get it bound on Friday while at my screen printing induction. Lots of pressure on this project, as basically we have had a week to do this one.



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