Manufacture & Production.

Use. Two week Brief.

As I decided pretty early on, on what format I wanted my piece to take I started straight away in creating a mock up version just to see how big it would need to be as well as if my size choice was actually right for what I wanted to produce.

I have been having a complete nightmare. As the project really only got it full swing from Monday afternoon, it seems as though we ultimately have less that two weeks to see through this project. Meaning that it’s impossible for me to have an idea, create a decent layout and get it all properly printed at a professional printers by Thursday (As friday I have screen printing induction).

Due to this I decided to go by my own binder. As from the pictures below you can see that I tried to create the binder style/function but using lose binder rings. They do no work in the slightest. So after buying my own craft binder, I got home to find out that it wasn’t supplied with any binder rings at all. Fabulous. My binder is 2:1 and it seems that everywhere, as in local office supply shops, only sell 3:1. I have brought some wires off Amazon so hopefully I will get them soon.

On this project so far it seems i’ve spent more time trying to sort out the manufacture and production rather than the actual design and layout of my pages. I guess, if I am unable to bind my pages how I want, at lest I can still change the design once I figure out how I will bind the pages.

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