Final Piece & Crit.

Use. Two week brief.

Finally finished this project ready for the crit. My Owires never turned up in time, I’ve emailed the sellers on amazon and they were more than happy to send me a full postage refund which is fab!

I changed the colour themes quite a bit as once I printed the orange/blue theme it was difficult to see the colour differences between the sections. Also the orange looked random, as if it was more of a mistake than a design choice.

CMYK was the next colour theme, with the exception of black as that would of over powered the whole page. Also I changed the yellow to slightly orange as the reversed out text would of been unreadable.

Over all I’m quite happy with what I’ve produced. The layout is simple, the sections are easy to identify and I think it would help people use the print facilities at uni.

Notes from crit
– Look at designing the net for the stand, include that the guide it for Csm.
– Create some kind of navigation e.g tabs on the side.
— Full page dedicated to a tab or just added onto an original page.
– Make images slightly bigger on the step by step guides.

Not bad feedback. I could of done with more. So it anyone thinks there’s stuff I should change please let me know!


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