Substain. Two week Brief.

“To design a better energy bill to help consumers save money and the planet”

This is probably the first brief i’ve done that is an actual redesign of all ready designed information.  I have chosen to redesign a British Gas, electric bill. We have to produce three different bills for three different users; Low consumers, Average consumer, and High consumer.

Things that we must adhere to;

– Retain all numbers/data

– Company logo

– Number of printed colours

– Legal information

– and any other mandatory information such as small print.

Today was the briefing, so we had a talk and a small workshop session. In groups we decided what were the most important pieces of information to display and what could be removed.

The main issue was that a lot of the bills don’t feel connected, in a sense that you do not connect them with yourself, or your usage… they information could be displayed in a more humanised form so that there was more focus on “cause & effect”

Also comparison, if you don’t compare the information, then how do you know if you are doing a good job or not? For example my bill could be £100, with 1000 Kwh usage. So what? Is that good? Could it be better? If you compared it with my last months usage, then thats a start… but still, thats comparing against myself. If you compared it against another person with the same living situation as me, then I know how well I was doing on average.

Perhaps also include a service that notifies you when your using to much? Like Loyds TSB, they will send you a text message when you are getting close to your overdraft. I plan to keep the paper bill as this is the most universal (if thats the correct term) medium. Everyone can open a letter, where no everyone can read text messages or use an Iphone app. I will perhaps add text messages on as an extra or maybe an email, but I don’t want to bombard people as they will then move the notification email to the junk folder!

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