Bill. Development & Interim Crit

Two week brief. Sustain.

I have been super busy. This project, project proposal researching and a new brief starting Monday (Today). This blog post will be probably a mix of tenses, past & present.

Recreating or redesigning energy bills is actually really difficult. I don’t know whether it’s the fact you’ve seen the information format already which then makes it difficult to then try and forget what you have seen to make something new?

However I don’t feel like this brief is about creating something new. So I created for my interim crit, really basic and very similar layouts for the bill. I focused on usage and the way that in a bill you don’t normally know how well your actually doing. So on each bill I produced various charts that compared your usage to either, last month, year or even your neighbours.

At the crit I didn’t particularly get anything feedback, other than make my hierarchy of text clearer and to look at my grid/white space some more. But then I think that is because I didn’t really have a concept that I was particularly pushing.

After seeing others work and talking in groups I now have some ideas. So I’ve been forcing myself to try and experiment in my sketchbook with various ideas before I jump on to Indesign, as I did in the previous week.


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