Give, Accept, Reciprocate.

Provoke. Two week Brief.

20120227-033400 PM.jpg

To design a message as a gift to motivate action.

This is my final brief of this academic year where I can chose which tutor I want to do a project with, and as I have made a conscious effort not to pick the same tutor for any of the projects, it has worked out pretty well for me, that I get to do a project with a study aboard tutor. Also it seems that the projects pretty good too.

The project is about gifts, and the idea of giving someone something, not necessarily an actual present, as a gift has multiple meanings.

After looking briefly at the suggested research areas I have decied that I don’t wish to look at any depressing subject matter as I feel that alot of people have become desensitised to all the poverty, war and poorly treated animals in the world.

I came across a TED Talk, while looking for information to support my project proposal. That said that with good design things work better, as well as this people when happy are more open to ideas and this then makes them more creative. After looking further into this I found an article in Scientific America titled – “Happiness: Good for creativity, Bad for single-minded focus”.

This article said that “studies find that people are most creative when they are in a good mood” and “With positive mood, you actually get more access to things you would normally ignore”. I’m not to worried about the part where happiness can lead you to be less focused, as I feel people are to focused – Like myself. My tutors are always telling me to experiment more and try to things, but with the stress and negativity of a deadline that makes it pretty difficult, therefore forcing me to have a narrow and focused view which shuts out creative or new ideas.

So in an attempt to become more creative I am going to force myself to come up with 20 ideas of how to show/what is happiness. Then from here I shall try filter down to the best ones and then develop them further e.g Take one initial idea and then try think of 10 ways I could produce or show it.


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