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Easter Holidays. Work Experience.

Twitter is a fabulous tool! If you don’t have a twitter account, you should get one. It is a great tool for coming across great opportunities.

I came across Puck Studio  last year at Pick Me Up, but only recently followed them on twitter. There was regular tweets about their excitement and preparation for the exhibition, so when they asked whether anyone wanted to help out, I jumped straight at the chance!

So far I have helped out on the Private view and one day at the weekend, and its been great! I’ve learnt about Gocco prints and meet some lovely other illustrators who have also been helping out Puck Studio.

 I would say out of the whole exhibition, that this is my favourite part, not being biased but it is actually great. I love all of the prints! And if you haven’t been to Pick Me Up, then you must go!

Smaller prints that you can purchase incase you don’t feel up to buying a full on screen print.

Third image in, is the work of Robbie, one of the guys who is in Puck Studio

“Pure Evel” by Dave also in Puck Studio, produced on the gocco printer.

Follow Puck studio at – @puck_studio

Above is one of my favourite pieces from the exhibition, all of the typography is created out of paper.

I also really liked this, I would of actually bought it framed if I could justify the money. I love Gemma Correll’s work, she also has an instagram account that she photographs her newest work, which is even better as you see great images of her pet pugs too!


Provoke. Two week Brief.

I managed to squeeze out 20 ideas, some were really stupid or some were just variations of an idea I had already put down but I felt that I did quite well to get at lest 20 different things down. After this I pretty much got straight into making. I did super quick & rough prototypes just to show for the interim crit.

During the crit I got quite a good response, but the tutor did say that the idea sounded good and honest/serious, but my out come was quite novelty and jokey, and that I needed to match my outcome with my idea better. As in make my piece a lot more precious and delicate.

I spent some more time look around for visual ideas as well as sketching down ideas or visuals of how I wanted the “look” to be of the piece. I know that usually I just use the “form follows function” rule, but in this case I felt that the piece needed styling to convey a meaning and an association of quality and expensiveness. I went for english/clean/simple design to try a replicate the “keep calm, carry on” poster as I feel tea and english*ness go together really well.

I used green as my main colour as I wanted to represent tea leaves. I used Gill sans as that is an english typeface and comes across very clean to look as. I found the saying “At half past three, everything stops for tea” I thought this was perfect for the tea card. This card is something that would be passed around, Originally it would have a given tea bag in, but from then on you would have to replace it and pass it on to a friend which then they would give their own tea bag.

Feedback from final crit;

– Make the margins bigger, everything seems a bit too tight. Infact make the whole thing bigger. Including typeface and front page logo/illustration.

– Use the back of the card for something, perhaps where people can record they date, tea and location?

– Change the fixing from a ribbon to something else so that it stays shut better.

– Make the instructions larger, so that they are more important.

Two week brief. sustain.

Okay. So the past month I haven’t kept on top of my online sketchbook as I’ve been super busy writing my project proposal, doing this project as well as doing another project. But now its the easter holiday so I am catching up from with the behind blog posts, so the tenses in which I write may change.

**Pictures are really poor quality, I have no idea whats going on with the focus on these!**

In the interim crit we spoke a lot about colour choice of paper. I did some experimenting with paper colour as well as the form of the envelope.

I decided that I would use the paper so it would fold into its own envelope so that it would save paper therefor being more sustainable than using extra paper to case the information. The layout is really simple, and the language is friendly. On the envelope side is the users address, the gas companies details and contact information. It is also says the billing amount, but the way the paper is folded that piece of information is contained on the inside.

I used large simple graphs and charts that compared the persons usage to the target that they had set themselves, for that month as well as the rest of the year.

I tired so many different papers, and i’m still trying to find the right one! I wanted to use yellow, orange and red to show the user what their usage has been before they have even opened the letter. However the black seemed to get lost on the red paper, then I decided to use pastel colour paper so that the text would stand out more, but this gives the impression that your constantly doing a good job. Also the pastel colours were too transparent.

Feedback from the crit;

– Change the EM Dash on the dates, the rule is right but it just doesn’t work visually.

– Combine the paragraphs, don’t leave so much space in the text.

– Experiment with the chart that shows targets.

– Make the reference number larger and easier to see.

During this holiday I will revisit this project as I have another assessment when I go back, at the end of term, but thankfully no presentation!