Give, Accept, Reciprocate: development, interim & Final piece.

Provoke. Two week Brief.

I managed to squeeze out 20 ideas, some were really stupid or some were just variations of an idea I had already put down but I felt that I did quite well to get at lest 20 different things down. After this I pretty much got straight into making. I did super quick & rough prototypes just to show for the interim crit.

During the crit I got quite a good response, but the tutor did say that the idea sounded good and honest/serious, but my out come was quite novelty and jokey, and that I needed to match my outcome with my idea better. As in make my piece a lot more precious and delicate.

I spent some more time look around for visual ideas as well as sketching down ideas or visuals of how I wanted the “look” to be of the piece. I know that usually I just use the “form follows function” rule, but in this case I felt that the piece needed styling to convey a meaning and an association of quality and expensiveness. I went for english/clean/simple design to try a replicate the “keep calm, carry on” poster as I feel tea and english*ness go together really well.

I used green as my main colour as I wanted to represent tea leaves. I used Gill sans as that is an english typeface and comes across very clean to look as. I found the saying “At half past three, everything stops for tea” I thought this was perfect for the tea card. This card is something that would be passed around, Originally it would have a given tea bag in, but from then on you would have to replace it and pass it on to a friend which then they would give their own tea bag.

Feedback from final crit;

– Make the margins bigger, everything seems a bit too tight. Infact make the whole thing bigger. Including typeface and front page logo/illustration.

– Use the back of the card for something, perhaps where people can record they date, tea and location?

– Change the fixing from a ribbon to something else so that it stays shut better.

– Make the instructions larger, so that they are more important.


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