Pick Me Up London.

Easter Holidays. Work Experience.

Twitter is a fabulous tool! If you don’t have a twitter account, you should get one. It is a great tool for coming across great opportunities.

I came across Puck Studio  last year at Pick Me Up, but only recently followed them on twitter. There was regular tweets about their excitement and preparation for the exhibition, so when they asked whether anyone wanted to help out, I jumped straight at the chance!

So far I have helped out on the Private view and one day at the weekend, and its been great! I’ve learnt about Gocco prints and meet some lovely other illustrators who have also been helping out Puck Studio.

 I would say out of the whole exhibition, that this is my favourite part, not being biased but it is actually great. I love all of the prints! And if you haven’t been to Pick Me Up, then you must go!

Smaller prints that you can purchase incase you don’t feel up to buying a full on screen print.

Third image in, is the work of Robbie, one of the guys who is in Puck Studio

“Pure Evel” by Dave also in Puck Studio, produced on the gocco printer.

Follow Puck studio at – @puck_studio

Above is one of my favourite pieces from the exhibition, all of the typography is created out of paper.

I also really liked this, I would of actually bought it framed if I could justify the money. I love Gemma Correll’s work, she also has an instagram account that she photographs her newest work, which is even better as you see great images of her pet pugs too!

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