Deciding Issues & Concerns.

I revisited the process which we did on Thursdays work shop. I wanted to look again at work concerned me as designer as well as what influenced me as on Thursday I literally felt like I couldn’t think of anything. By doing this process again I actually came up with similar words to those on Thursday so I guess this means they are my genuine concerns, I think I was hoping for something more different considering I am doing aesthetics and the issue of good design for my context study. After the cutting down process and explanations. I arrived at these themes/words – HANDMADE / FORM INFLUENCED BY CONTENT / AESTHETIC OVER CONTENT (Influence, Good design, Design concern). Handmade seems a bit random, as I don’t really (actually at all) make anything fully by hand, only have I screen printed once, I rarely knit and more often cross stitch, but I do enjoy doing those things. I may remove hand made as its something I like but doesn’t influence my design. However previous to this I had the word Typography, which is key to have in the equation as two out the three are concepts/theories and I would get no where without a physical/visual starting point. Plus type is very much handmade (letterpress, lettering, writing in your note book!). Trying to put my issues and concerns into a statement I expanded the ideas into a mind map and came up with some questions, some of which I may of had before; – Are people resorting back to handcraft because it looks different or to fight against mass production? – Does the way something is produced add value, such as a screen print or knitted jumper? – If there is value added is it aesthetic or conceptual? I guess these questions may or may not change due to using typography as a focus point rather than handmade as an issue. From this I felt that a draft of my proposal would make it easier to move forward as I would have a clear view of what I want to talk about. – My issue is that I feel there is a lot of design that puts aesthetics before content – I’m concerned about this because I feel people are mistaking purely aesthetically work for good* design – Professionally this affects me as Graphic Design is a relatively new subject which has/had a hard enough time to distinguish itself as a serious discipline (like that of find art etc), So as a designer I wish that people who do create work, create it with meaning… Not a hipster cool trendy subject – where people make pretty looking posters… – I want my audience to understand that looks aren’t something to solely judge a design piece upon, just because something looks good doesn’t mean it has value, included using traditional production techniques to make it look like it has been thought about… I want to question the people in the pop up shop why they are purchasing the item, I want to make them think about that there is more to design that super geometric shapes. – What I want to produce/How will I solve it? GOD KNOWS *To what I consider good design to be… Design that has content and works… Successful in communicating. To try and make my ideas more wild I expanded the words to see what subtopics I could find in an attempt to create more conceptual thoughts. Can’t say it worked really for me, I guess I am just too rational… But a couple of interesting things came up. – Making a machine that could scan a piece of work and detect whether the piece had content or not… (Ridiculous) – Fire pit, burn all contentless design ( Also silly…) – Having a aesthetic image and having that ink that you can scratch away to reveal the content ( Not so crazy ) – Magic Ball to predict Autumn/Winter Graphic design trends (Piss Take…) – Jars filled with nothing, but labels with beautiful words (More concept… that air is contentless / Thin as air… etc) – Comic sans, with a fake moustache and false nose, disgusting itself to be something else (Maybe disgusting to be swiss? Helvetica?) – Fake money – The idea that it looks good cause it looks like money but it ultimately worthless. – A poster (?) That has layers, and you can strip away the meaning of it – UV paint, you don’t see it, but in the right concept/understand you do (conceptualish) – 3D glasses, merging red/blue (merging visual & content ) to create a piece of design (Like this, conceptual & interesting) – Taking parts out of words/books, changing or obscuring a full meaning Thats them for now, I will think about some more and develop them further and then get some feedback tomorrow from other students.


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