Idea/Issue Development.

After mentioning about choosing type over handmade as an issue, I decided to create a word map (more appropriate than a the word mind) to try and see what areas of type I could look at. Some things I came up with were; personalities, styles, families, meaning, language. etc I feel that meaning is a key part in typography, the meaning why the typeface was design and what message the typographer wanted to get across, a lot of people chose a typeface purely for its looks rather than what its intended use is/was.

I was still looking at looking at the idea of focusing on meaning over visuals, but with typography in mind it really just creates witty statements than perhaps only designers would get (but maybe that is who I am aiming at…) I like the idea of using a typeface for its non-intended use, or using a hand scripted type to disguise something serious and mundane.

I came across something that said “CONTENT IS KING” which I thought was interesting, but then I came across an article online, that was titled – “content is king…. or is it?” which questions the idea of web design and would people be happy to use a site if it was utterly boring visually, even though it contained great pieces of writing. Apparently one of the first people to coin this phrase was Bill Gates and about the internet.

So now I feel that I have two paths that I could go down.

1 – To have type that plays to the part of being “good looking”, but the text is actually mocking/ironic/testing the viewer on the reasoning they are looking at the piece. (Guilty pleasure? Being shallow/ Judging on looks?)

Pros; Could be funny

Cons; Could be offensive (make me sound pretentious) or could be restrictive – Limited to print or visuals (maybe have to be a bit more creative)

2 – To create something that helps a user chose a typeface on the meaning (content) rather than its looks (form) this would then enhance their work on both visual and conceptual levels.

Pros; Wide brief, could make anything – It would be actually useful

Cons; Would have to do loads of research (Not really a con… just hard work…)

The second route is more proactive than judging, instead of commenting on the contentless I could/should try and help people make better and more informed decisions on there work and how elements such as typography can affect the look and feel of a piece… this would probably have more of a positive affect and response than the witty prints,

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