How to choose a typeface

Actions speak louder than words

All the examples discussed in this article demonstrate that typographic treatment works alongside verbal language to create, enhance and alter meaning. While the aesthetic value of design is always important, the significance of type in influencing meaning should not be underestimated.

In the second part of this article, we’ll continue looking at the relationship between visual and verbal language. We’ll touch briefly on the structure and semiotics of language, as well as showcase some remarkable examples, all helping to explain why subtle typographic changes make all the difference.

 Actions speak louder than words article
 Type of Type
Comic Sans / Judging / Wrong typeface to use?
Type / Images / Illustration

 Flow chart on how to choose a typeface, not that greatly designed…

"all about the type, all about the content. Why tart up a cover with meaningless design or photography, when really, you're trading in ideas?"

These top trump cards are great, I have them myself, they are funny, also good to play with but not so much informative to understand how to use the typefaces. Rather than using them for technical info.


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