More Idea Development.

I wouldn’t say this project has got much further since monday due doing context tuesday and being busy with the organisation of the actual pop up shop & helping the third year make some money for their show.

But I have come to the conclusion to totally disregard idea “1” and concentrate on following the route of helping people choose a typeface for its purpose rather than its look.

I found a great quote

We often feel paralysed by choice and make no choice, but the thing is, no choice is a choice

Chris cuillebeau

I feel that its true with typography the choice can be totally overwhelming there actually choosing a typeface on its use it far more easier than judging it on its looks.

So trying to come up with some ideas to discuss tomorrow, ones that I favour;

– A game, that you have to match the typeface with its use, perhaps card based

– A set of pencils displaying popular types as their proper usage

– Tins/boxes that have a long list of typefaces and uses

– Something similar to a pantone swatch/colour book to choose typefaces by family

Not very good/wild/exciting ideas… getting rather bogged down with the ideas process rather than enjoying it, as I know that they are not exciting enough.

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