Proposal Presentation

The questions to be asking myself/answering when talking about my project

Q. What aspect of your proposal is informed or conforms to my understsanding of GOOD design?

Q. What are the issue/s or concern/s you have chosen to deal with?

Q. How does your proposal deal/discuss/communicate or overcome any concerning issues I have about graphic design and purpose

Q. Will the artefact inspire, provoke, validate, entertain or provide utility for people?

Q. Is my proposal relevant for the user/audience

Today our group met up to do our presentations of our work so far, as well as what we planned to do next. The feedback that I got back from the group was pretty good. We spoke about who I was aiming my piece at, the talked through aiming it towards the general public and educating the public into using better fonts, however do they actually care? Probably not. Also is that the kind of people who will even come into the shop? If only designers are in the shop they may find the piece insulting, as in, if I chose to explain default mac/pc fonts then they may think that I think other designers are stupid/or something that suggests that they are not already educated to use more fonts than just the supplied ones.

From this we then spoke about my two core ideas;

-The swatch style booklet that has fonts in use categories.

– Using pencils to place descriptions on.

Both ideas received positive feedback, in the sense that people would want to buy these things, as they feel that it is a concern with them as a designer. However people really enjoyed the idea about using pencils, perhaps it is because of the pencil idea is something quite different from the typical swatch booklet

Some  more ideas to expand on the pencil format;

– perhaps creating separate sets of pencils for example – screen, book, display, formal, etc and within each box set there is 6 pencils with  3 serif and 3 sans serif type faces on them.

– Pencils such as HB that vary in grades so softer thicker pencils could be larger fonts? and fine pencils for serious small fonts?

– Usually a pencil is a hexagon shape, therefor I could use 3 sides for a sans serif, 3 sides for a serif typeface and then the whole pencil is the category. Each pencil could be a different colour to represent its main purpose (Screen, display etc.)


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