Design Decisions Visualisation

Looking at design decisions, and that designers should think of all elements of design before using a computer to visualise their ideas.

I really want to in some way remind designers during their design process to reflect and check whether they have considered all elements and that if they have, how does that decision impact the piece in a meaningful way (Conscious and valid design decisions with meaning rather than it looks nice).

This process of design, ideas & decision making usually occurs in the initial ideas stage when you are using your sketchbook/note pad/scraps of paper to jot down ideas and why/reasoning. I feel (and i’ve also been told plenty of times before) that you should fully understand and expand ideas and concepts / fully form them before using tools and computers to visualise, as other wise you create something based on looks rather than content.

Stationary is a key part in this process; Pens, pencils, post its, Note books, graph paper, sketchbook, highlighters, tracing paper. All these things help develop ideas and concepts before creating them. Its a physical act with materials. No constraints or restrictions of page sizes and pixels.

I’ve come up with some ideas about the stationary used and how I can use there form to exploit my ideas. More so as using these tools that are used as a reminder to look at all aspects (Just because you have considered one design element does not mean you can neglect the rest)

Back to the pencil – This is usually what people sketch in, quick and easy to use, no mess or smudging and no definitiveness / non permeant : which makes people feel more free to draw anything even if it is a wrong or bad idea. Using the concept of printing on pencils stating the graphic elements : Line, Shape, Colour, Typeface… Each pencil represents the consideration… Perhaps using different coloured pencils to sketch with would make sure that each pencil had been used/thought through.

Post it notes – used a reminders through out my sketchbook, helps me remember things too look at, write about etc Could help designers when considering parts of their design. Each post it having a check list / or area that the designer can write down their reasoning for the design choice.

Sketchbook – VERY TYPICAL; each page reminds them of the questions they should asking themselves as a designer.

Mouse Mat – Perhaps the designer doesn’t become reminded of these issues at the beginning of their idea generation as it maybe overwhelming. But reminding right before they jump on to the computer, the mouse mat would be a perfect place for an intervention that questions the designer whether they have fulfilled the design decisions, and if not then they know to go back to the sketchbook, where as if they have then its fine for them to progress and lest they are aware they have a concept with good considerations.


They are my ideas for now, however I feel that I will have to rush into something as this week I am meant to be producing prototypes for thursday. Tomorrow I will think of 5 more concepts that could help designers make better design decisions and then produce as many prototypes as I can before the crit – not feeling very confident at all.

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