First Interim crit


Today was our first meeting with a tutor including our presentations, I spoke about my work and how I wanted to look at either a swatch kind of booklet or use pencils to display typefaces which could be used in certain situations.

The feedback that I got seemed that people liked the pencil idea, but they didn’t really know why, perhaps novelty reasons. However others picked up on the idea that it seems as though that idea focuses more so on the fact of using the design process of decision making to be done off screen rather than, deciding once you have (for example) a list of typefaces in front of you.

I believe that a lot of “good looking” design is created mostly with the computer in mind, using the computer to determined the outcome rather than using the computer as a tool to enhance and visualise your ideas/work.

To narrow on my idea of form vs function, designing with form over content, the design issue is more so about people creating work before deciding why and what they want to make.

Q. What aspect of your proposal is informed or conforms to my understsanding of GOOD design?

A. Good design is created without the computer in mind.

Q. What are the issue/s or concern/s you have chosen to deal with?

A. That designers rush though the sketching / ideas process to the computer so that they end up playing with many elements rather than creating something based from ideas

Q. How does your proposal deal/discuss/communicate or overcome any concerning issues I have about graphic design and purpose

A. Myself, I sometimes go straight into the computer and find that I make design decisions based on looks as I have not thought through the possibilities properly in the ideas stage therefor end up styling work rather than making something focused on the content E.g Choosing a typeface while in indesign as I have not thought about needs or purpose before hand, then end up choosing something on looks instead.

Q. Will the artefact inspire, provoke, validate, entertain or provide utility for people?

A. The item I wish to inform people as well as remind them that they can 1) save time by fully thinking through design decisions. 2) That confident and thought through design decisions adds value to the piece, it becomes more honest and more meaning than visuals alone.

Q. Is my proposal relevant for the user/audience

A. My audience will be other designers, therefore I feel they struggle with the same issues as myself.

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