Remembering, Ideas, Combinations

Moving on from the idea that designs should start in your sketchbook I have looked at how people remember things as well as how they start the ideas process, many responses said that people used post it notes to remember something, probably because they can easily jot the information down and stick it to anything or anywhere they are working, sometimes people don’t want to write things in their notebook as they don’t wish for it to be permanent. Other ways that people remember stuff is in lists, I know for a fact that I write at list 3 lists a day where I am always amending what I have written before.

This is a to do list webpage that can also be used in the iphone app format, its a great tool to use as you can add things easily, however it does not really prompt you to remember something, as if you forget to use this site, or write something on there…

The idea of combing a check list / sticky note system : WHY – because it seems to be a popular system so it must work, also people like writing lists or completing tasks on a list (Visual achievement)

What I create must be either reusable or can be used multiple times so that it can be used for more than one project. The piece must also let the user interact with it, so that they can use pens/pencils etc  on the piece. Writing things down allows a person to develop a thought or a process.

Sticky notes + Check list + importance of content = MY PRODUCT !?

My aim: To get designers to remember to make design decisions before using the compture/screen printer/ letter press/ camera

Why: Because using these tools before you have fully formed your concept and reasoning causing narrowed ideas and empty design decisions/visuals

Content is important because people always ask in crits WHY THIS, WHY THAT, WHY DID YOU DO THAT? and there is nothing worse than someone coming up with some bollocks on the spot to back up a design decision that they did with no intention or meaning behind it. Bad designers don’t have reasoning, and that reflects in their work.

Questions a designer must ask themselves; Does this help communicate my message, Does this enhance the meaning, Does this element have a purpose/is it necessary?

As these decisions should be made before the use of production methods, I thought that the paper/notes/sketchbooks are the most important part of the process, but really it is the pen/pencil, it is that material that transfers your ideas into reality. But it is the combination of the two, you can’t have one without the other, both pen and paper help creating meaningful ideas.

So far I have come up with a combination of notes/pen kit called:


Inside people would probably assume there is some magical equation or process that would enlightenment about better design, when really its back to basics, pen and paper.

Using each pencil to bring up the idea of each element perhaps, or maybe something else… yet to expand on the product further

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