Design elements / Specifications

I’ve been trying to break down the design process and the kinds of decisions you have to make when you are using InDesign, for example typeface, size, weight, grids, images, colours etc. However I’ve tried to keep it quite condensed also, so that there is not an overwhelming amount of choice, and if there is a choice thats missing there is a space to add “other”.

^The amount of subcategories under my suggested headings

First mock layout, I want the whole thing to be light hearted and not really strict and super serious as it’s issue I am just commenting on, also people remember things that are funny over things that are serious and authoritative.

I just need to work out the hierarchy of the page / note layout – as well as within each category. I feel that an A6 page/Note size would be fitting for this piece as I want there to be enough space for people to add their own text and notes, but I don’t want it to be something that tries to replace a sketchbook. Also I think A6 would be the smallest possible size of sketchbook.


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