Idea development; Note pads & Bookmarks

I’ve been thinking about note pads, sketchbooks, tick boxes and the way that you go through the design process, however these things don’t seem to be right, especially the post it notes… however I feel the checklist is closet to what I want to say.

I also thought about using a mouse mat that also contained a note pad/post it note/check list section, however that is rather restrictive in the way that you can only use the pad when at the desk or only people with a mouse will use it, and some people have graphics tablets…

Okay, so after talking to some other students about my product, and how I felt that it didn’t really fit as I didn’t want something that replaced your own sketchbook or be a permeant fixture inside it. However I didn’t want it to be a totally separate thing. So from my description my friends said that a bookmark sounds what i’m trying to get at.

I did a few sketches of the layout of the bookmark, still not totally sure of the content. I feel that is the bit that I have to really establish well, as I have chosen some vague areas in an attempt to cover many posts, as well as I want this to be a reminder rather than a forced process of written down extra information. These where my awful prototypes for today. I blame them crapness on me not having a solid concept earlier on.

The feedback I got from my prototype crit was that yes the subjects where far to vague, and what about other areas of design, however I do feel that these areas count to print and screen based design. So I have been advised to expand on these categories, also it was mentioned that perhaps the piece was more of a booklet, however I do not really feel like that is the right way for this piece to go as it is meant to sit within your sketchbook and to have extra pages seems to be pointless as you would (I assume) naturally write information down in the sketchbook rather than on this paper.

After having another talk with another tutor, the idea of this piece seems to have been cleared up a bit, Instead of having a multipack of different bookmarks for different design subjects, I could merge them together and that people would tick and write what they would need to, and where they would need to.  More like a form/survey thing, so that they could keep it themseleves in their sketchbook or pass it on to someone else if they are on a group project.

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