Prototype Development.

I looked at the hierarchy of the information I set out on the page before of design elements and split the information up into three areas, which resembled the process of setting up a document ready for design.

I decided that A6 would be a better size than A5 as it would fit in all sketch books as well as not take up too much room on  desk or bag, plus it is big enough to see clearly… any bigger and you may as well use a sketchbook. I also looked at how I could split up the page into sections for the information.

I made mini mock ups of the page layout and played between two ideas of how the information would sit next to each other.

I considered more about the size of the page, how many columns it would have and the typeface. Also starting to think about colour too.

On illustrator I created a quick mock up of the layouts I drawn before. Printing them out full size helped me notice all the issues there was with the layouts as well as get a basic idea of what my should could and should look like.

I tested the page out using a red pen to try and get a sense of how someone would use it and now I know where I need to go from here.

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