Creating, Changing, Printing, Editing, Repeating.


I havent really been posting the last couple of days as I have been working on the feedback that I received on Friday so that my work is ready for printing today/tomorrow.

 Max gave me some really good feedback due to no one else turning up at our time slot, so I got a full hour of feedback which was great. There were things like consistency of the lines and ways that people should answer the questions, also the content, how the categories went together.

Max also recommended this great book which is originally a German book, but I found a translated verison on amazon, and managed to get that the next dat.


I tried sketching out some layouts that came from his feedback, but I find it difficult to write exactly the content into the layout as obviously you don’t know the point size of your own writing, and you usually over or under compensate.

I used one out the slips to amend the layout on, I tried to figure out a strong vertical grid so that the layout would seem more structured and consistent. I also made notes onto another slip so that I knew exactly what Max was referring too.

I played about with content again, and tried to categories the information into a more logical way, such as screen elements together and print together.

The best book ever. It had examples of good/bad forms as well as smaller details such as colour and typefaces, things that people should consider when designing a form.

Notes I had taken from the book that I felt may help/aid my design, however I did find that with the book, it had so many examples and variations it was slightly over whelming as I wanted to use all the techniques.

I chose Meta for my form, so it being in the book must be a good start.

Clear forms, well set out.

My form variations, I have been working on them and changing them around, but I have found it difficult, mainly due to this middle column, so I need to change the columns into an odd number I feel. I have gotten more feedback since these layouts, so I will work on this today, hopefully be printing today/tonight!

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