Finalising & printing and production/finishing

After coming up with the layouts I asked some friends what they thought and I got some constructive feedback of things that I should improve on. I experimented more with the margin sizes too and generally how it looked.

I asked for some feedback, was to improve on the content and then think about the layout after, then it should fit together better then.

I used information from the book of forms to try and help me fit the problems I had with the design and the newer content.

I decided to make the categories more flexible by adding spaces for people to add their own information as well as remembering important information e.g hex & cmyk conversions.

I sketched out some more layouts and systems and then came up with a basic flow of how the form should look.

I printed off all the of 10 layouts I made so that I could see the progression and to see if I lost any good points earlier and failed to continue them at the end.

The final layout… until I decided to change it again… below it the final. DEFINITELY

Packaging; as my design piece is a pad within its self I dont feel like it needs overly complicated packaging and that it is quite self finished. I decided to put some card at the back to strengthen the piece up as well as have space to write what the piece is as well as my email address. I chose a lighter blue (75% cyan) as I don’t want to try and compete with the more important information on the front. but I did stick to the same typeface and grey.

 production was quite difficult, I should of gone to bryan shaw to glue the edges, but im pretty sure you can only bind one at a time, plus I didnt have my prints ready in time. The method I used did work though.

13 note books. Better images to follow. Ready for assessment.


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