Reading List


  • Use
  • Value
  • Beauty

All evidence for case studies must refer back to each of these themes ( 1 piece of evidence relevant to each theme per case study e.g 3 quotes, one on use, one on value and one of beauty – around 300 words per theme)

Case study 1 – William Morris

  • William Morris on Art & Design
  • Hopes and Fears for Art
  • Signs of Change

Case study 2 – Adolf Loos

  • Ornament and Crime
  • Theory & Works
  • Design & Crome (and other Diatribes)

Case study 3 – Design Council

The Design council list may change due to this being the only case study I have not done any previous research for.

Next steps – 

  • Start reading William Morris’s books
  • Start collecting quotes
  • Write down rough outline of case study

Repeat for each case study – Obviously do more research before writing up case study 3.

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