Summer: Dissertation

Revisiting/Editing the work I have done ( Intro, Proposal, Research Report)

Feedback on work so far;

Very good so far.
Be careful not to over-complicate matters. Keep it real – use examples to illustrate the points made by Morris, Loos etc.
Basically, the issue is of use and value. Practicality (function) may make something beautiful…
Maybe have a look at the work of the Design Centre in the 1960s. This is what they were trying to promote.

What I plan to do next –

  • Research and write up 3 case studies (1000 words each)
  • Rewrite intro, proposal, research report.
  • Write a Intro, Conclusion, Analysis (need to ask what this actually refers to before hand)

Summary of project –

  • Good Design.
  • Has it changed through out history.
  • Why has it changed.
  • Subjective/Objective.
  • Need to back up more in what morris says about bad influences of industrial revolution.
  • Walter crane and Morris could be part of one case study… Arts and craft movement could be one study? Focusing on these two artists.
  • More needs to be said surrounding Loo’s thoughts and feeling to design.
  • Moral value – Truth. The quotes I have need to refer to added value.
  • Paul Rand – Needs a quote about the thoughts on design. e.g better off to say devalued.
  • Functional Design in the 20’s doesn’t seem relevant.
  • Purpose, and value… same thing? If something has a purpose, does it have a value.
  • Beautiful thing – Culture. Different cultures have different opinions on what is valuable.

I need to step away from the has it changed and look more so into value, in these different times what was considered of value.

First case study will be William Morris and his thoughts on design.

Second case study will be Adolf Loo’s counter argument/ against ornamentation.

Third case study will be on the Design Council and their work/ideas of promoting good pieces of design.

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