Dissertation Rant

I hate writing.

Not even writing, I hate trying to write about something that there clearly seems no answer to.

While reading (William Morris – Hopes & Fears) I now feel like I am looking at the wrong things (AGAIN)  I feel like I need to go back to the start and try and figure out what I’m trying to say or research, argue whatever.

Most of the online Dissertation guides or tips/help pages keep talking about for / against and general arguments. However I don’t feel like my – What is good design – is particularly an argument, its more of an investigation. An investigation into – what is good design… use & value… something useful can be beautiful…

From what I have read so far I guess Morris does believe that useful is beautiful as he seems to use the words interchangeably…

I feel as though morris and loos are sort of on the same track… that it must have a purpose (USE) to be beautiful (VALUE). However, Morris feels that ornamentation and reflections on nature are what make something more so beautiful as it fits with nature where as loos thinks that you can do away with ornamentation therefor, ornamentation doesn’t really have a purpose other than to look nice?

Oh I don’t know. I think I will have to try write out my aims of this dissertation and get it completely clear in my mind what I am looking for then the reading / quotes / case studies will make more sense to me.


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