Post Rant

After feeling depressed about the whole dissertation thing, I emailed my context tutor to try and get some help. I am actually so pleased I have the tutor I have, as within half an hour and on a saturday he emailed me back with the following points;

You need to look at Paul Greenhalgh’s amazon page – He’s definitely written about all this kind of thing.

At the moment your case studies are a bit far apart. It will be better if you can position everything so that it is about the clash between functionality, minimalism and decoration… I would advise you to look at, say, the period after WW1.

Next steps

So now my inner critic has chilled out a bit I can now push on with more research into these specific areas. However its quite annoying as I done a lot of reading and then it wasn’t really needed. However it did egg me on towards something else, something more specific – Functionalism.

So I need to look into

  • modernism
  • functionalism
  • traditional

and compare these cases and talk about what was considered as “good design” within each era. As clearly a new design era started when the ideas of what was good/right/valuable changed.

Finally feel like I starting to understand what I want to talk about!

Look into each era.

Pick out key designers/groups/manifestos

Draw up similarities and differences between the eras.

And hopefully I will have all this done by Tuesday… A basic outline so that I can look more in depth to each design/group etc and start to construct quotes etc.


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