Revised reading list

After the new areas of research I will look into;

The New Museology – Peter Vergo, Charles Saumarez Smith, Ludmilla Jordanova and Paul Greenhalgh  – All about museums and the items that are put in there and why and expanding on this idea of classification. Which also links to my “good design” as obviously the items in a museum for a reason, whether them being old, rare, good? valuable. So I think this book maybe good for my introduction and my book review, as that way it paves the way for the case studies.

Essential Art Nouveau – Paul Greenhalgh – Looking at Nouveau in a broad sense.

Art Nouveau 1890-1914 – Paul Greenhalgh – More in depth book about Nouveau.

Essential Modernism – Paul Greenhalgh – Looking at Modernism.

Modernism in Design (Critical Views) – Tim Benton, Gillian Naylor, Penny Sparke, Wendy Kaplan, Clive Wainwright, Martin Gaughan, Guy Julier, Mimi Wilms, Julian Holder and Paul Greenhalgh – Essays on various countries and pathways of design focusing on Modernism.

Regency Style – Steven Parissien – Looking at archetecure and design within this period between Georgian and Victorian eras

The Culture of History: English Uses of the Past 1800-1953 – Billie Melman – Talks about the traditional style in this time.

So obviously I will have to head to the British Library to find these books, But I think I will be about to piece together some general information and understanding about these eras before hand. I think I will have a look at Graphic Design: A Concise History (World of Art) by Richard Hollis  as this talks about design right from the beginning therefor I should get some pointers of what to look at from a graphic design perspective.


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