Dissertation Update.

So at the beginning of the month/end of term I said to myself that I would spend an hour on my dissertation a day. So far out of the 26 days I have only spent 13hours and 42minutes on it… behind by 12 hours and 18minutes… with only 5 days left – I have to do just under 3 hours a day… FAB.

I feel like I’m taking so long as 1. I’m pretty lazy… and with getting up at 3am to go work for 8 hours, make it pretty difficult to get the motivation at the end of the day to do one hour. 2.
I’ve really struggled (and still am) with defining and actually understanding what I want to write about.
Now I feel like I have sort of got some where. I think before I was too broad. So below is and outline of what I plan to look at now.

Paul Greenhalgh says
“Design refers to the beauty of the object, as much as to its function”
meaning that when talking about design, we are talking about it as a whole, not ever just the look or just the function. But I wish to look at these subjects, not separately, but more the extremes of the two.

Subject: Ornament/Decoration in graphic design.
– Investigating the arguments surrounding ornamentation and function (purpose)

Why: I question what good design is regularly as I want to make good work, perhaps even great work… but what is that? What makes design good? People readily say what good design isn’t e.g Comic Sans.

Its something that troubles me as a design student that the purpose of design seems to be just decoration… for the sake of it. I definitely feel that design is not about just looking “cool” or “trendy”.
This is not something new either, many designers have tried to decided what it is and what it isn’t.
There are many books, magazines and blog articles speaking of how to improve your design work. As well as categorising work.

The idea of aesthetics was a dominant subject during the 19th century. Designers wanted to put proper values on what was considered beautiful.
It is human nature to want to put things into categories and understand rules to why things are so.

If we are talking about truly good design, it is impossible as it does not exist. What we really want to talk about is the subject of taste and opinion. The opinions that I am interested in are in regards to decoration/ornamentation and functionalism/purpose. These subjects are two ends of a spectrum, with some middle ground. (The middle ground would probably be the Art Nouveau era… Victorian being the Decoration and Modern being the Functional.)

Throughout the victorian era there were many who disliked ornamentation (these are not quotes just summary of the quote);
Henry Cole – people are obsessed with ornamentation.
Richard Redgrave – Utility must be the first consideration.
Lewis F. Day – Ornament is the purpose to ornament. That is it.
Adolf loos – Cultural evolution means the removal of ornament.
Herbert Read – Ornament to Design is like tattoos to the body. They are something later added, therefor not needed nor to they add anything to make the body better.

So far I need to look closer into who appreciated it… William Morris did and the rest of the arts and craft movement.

Themes – Function, Ornament…..? Impact on society?

What I need to do next;
– Write first case study
– Get it checked
– Write 2nd case study
– Write 3rd case study
– Write analysis / conclusion
– Rewrite intro
– Rewrite Literary review


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