Dissertation Proposal / Intro update

I plan to investigate the debate regarding the question of “What is good design?” This question has been predominant throughout the history of design and is still a question that caused a lot of discussion.

I wish to explore more specifically on the constant conflict between ornament and form.

Ornament and decoration have been issue since the early 1800’s. For example Richard Redgrave’s essay “On Utility which must be considered before ornamentation” Which expressed his principles that utility must be the primarily concern for a designer, and that we must “ornament construction, not construct to ornament”

I want to investigate this long debate regarding the principles of design and why people feel this way towards ornamental design. I am aware some designers feel strongly about this for example Adolf Loos and his essay “Ornament is crime” written in 1908. Can ornament still be a crime over a century later?

Any crits or feedback? Or does anyone have any information that may be relevant to me?


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