I thought this was meant to be fun…

Okay. So since my last post it seems my project has developed further and more away from every thing I have looked at!

I’m feel pretty stressed right now. I don’t feel like I now what I am doing at all! Perhaps I need to start from the beginning. Intro/Books Review/Case studies.

But I have my themes ; Ornament, Utility, Standardisation, Economy.
The cases will step away from Victorian, Art Nouveau and Modernism to – 1905 Art Nouveau, 1930s Gill Sans, Cassandre Peignot 1940s.

All design changes due to the economy for example this started in the victorian times. Mass production, cheaper products, less ornament to save time which in turn saved money.

Plan -Rewrite Intro
Draw up a timeline
Mind map each case in relation to themes
Work out a  new Book review
Make a list of books I need to read

Why does it feel like I go one step forward two steps back?!


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