Case studies / aims / themes to get across / notes

What I am trying to do in my case studies is to link type ‘designs to moments when the experience of time and space are transformed by technology’.

For example technological developments in the victorian era – Gill sans used on North Eastern Railways – Trains became faster and the network broader. People could travel further in a shorter amount of time (Physical – space and time).

Typography (Gill) effects this experience by making the act of travelling easier. Clean simple typeface that is absent of ornement and functional means the information is absorbed trouble free. This in turn make the experience of travelling faster and more enjoyable – leisure activity.

The standards imposed on the individual are the behaviour when travelling (conformity)

Like the road signs on Britain’s roads, timetables and station nameplates are there to inform – almost invisible, people react without even noticing that the information is there… used as a guidence tool… unconscious behaviour alteration


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